Food Sensitivity Testing

5633217_mDiet and nutrition are cornerstones of health and wellness. Every individual has a unique biochemical requirement for the right amount of nutrients to obtain and maintain optimal health. Our bodies, while being in constant flux as we go through the daily rhythms of life, are ultimately striving to maintain homeostasis (biological balance). Our diet greatly impacts the ability of our bodies to maintain homeostasis and we influence our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health every time we eat. As naturopathic doctors, when assessing the health of individuals, we turn to diet to discover how what we are eating is affecting our wellness.

When foods that we eat create an adverse reaction in our bodies, all levels of health are disrupted. It does not take much for the immune system along our digestive tract to become activated, creating allergic reactions, inflammation, and potentially autoimmune conditions. We will also be more prone to infection, because a major portion of our immune system is over-burdened. And we become susceptible to nutrient deficiencies as the irritation in our digestive system persists.

To learn more about food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, click on the links below:

Food Allergy or Food Sensitivity
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Types of Allergy Testing:

IgG Food Allergy Blood Test
Hypoallergenic Diet and Re-Introduction
Skin scratch test (IgE)

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